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Our business venture began in 1982.  Bob Britton became President of Cherokee Explosives and Nadine Britton Corporate Secretary and Treasurer.  Bob had worked as a Technical Representative for the Danbury Explosives Company for ten years before founding Cherokee Explosives in 1982. 


  •  Cherokee Explosives Inc. was the first distributor for IRECO Explosives in New England in 1982.


  • Cherokee introduced bulk explosives to Connecticut and New York using repumpable emulsions at various quarries and site operations in 1984.


  • Cherokee evolved into a full service drilling and blasting company in 1988.


  • Following in a family tradition, Bill Britton learned the explosives business from his father, working at an early age at construction sites and was named Vice President in 2006.


  • Bob Britton, one of six, was invited by the  State Fire Marshal's Office to assist in drafting new regulations for the Department of Public Safety, Connecticut Explosives Code in 2008.


  • A testament to our commitment to safety in the industry is reflected in our consistently low Workers' Compensation Experience Mod Rate (.89)


  • Cherokee Explosives carries Six Million ($6,000,000.00) Insurance Coverage.


  • We are environmentally sensitive when drilling and blasting near wetlands, regulated areas and on all jobsites.


  • Cherokee will answer all your job inquiries promptly.  You will find that we can often be reached after normal business hours and on weekends to discuss your project.


Bob and Nadine Britton with their two children and five grandchildren.


Founder and Charter Member of The Connecticut Society of Explosives Engineers

Member of The International Society of Explosives Engineers

Member of The New England Chapter Society of Explosives Engineers

Member of The Hundred Club of Connecticut

In Memory of Valerio Quinonez


A dedicated employee, Valerio joined our company in 1994 and succumbed to cancer in 2012.


His work ethic on and off the job still inspires us today.  Valerio was an avid runner and his amazing results can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

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